7 Ps of life that make you happy and successful

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Life is not the result of your success rate. Life is the mixture of your happiness and success. 7 Ps of life will make not only successful but also happy. Are you a happy person? Are you a successful person? Just think about it. Try to hear your inner voice. Relax your mind from everything. Don’t be bias, think about these two questions. What will you have in your answers? May be “YES” May be “No”.

When you crack any deal, you achieve something, you have a reason for celebration. But when your work doesn’t go well, have you ever celebrated your try? You should celebrate that you give efforts. It is better to do nothing. Pain and problems are result of measuring happiness with success. Don’t you think so?

What is the difference between happiness and success?

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.”- Ingrid Bergman

Success and happiness are two factors but having their own equations. Success and happiness can be changed from person to person or from mind to mind. But I will give simple definition, I have lots of branded clothes is my success and in the lowest price dress I can look pretty and beautiful is my happiness. It depends upon you what matters you the most.

7 P’s of life that make you successful and happy


Positivity is the best factor that helps you to be different from others. Thinking positively in harsh condition makes path for you to come out. Example: When bloggers write something and promote their blogs, they do not get success as they want. In such situation you should think positive. “It is not the end! You are better that those people who are not knowing anything about blogging and wasting their time on chatting with others. You have the guts to speak out, to share your views publicly through Internet.”

planning and preparation
Proper Planning and Preparation


Be patient. What you are doing and what you want to do? Everything will take time. Example: James Dyson. He had started his journey of success with the idea of using cyclonic separation to create a vacuum cleaner that wouldn’t lose suction. Only his wife was supporting him. He failed many times. Finally, he got success 2005 and became the market leader in United States by volume sold, allowing him to launch a range of other products that are notoriously well-manufactured and work extremely efficiently, delivering a value-driven concept that the brand has become synonymous for.

Proper planning and preparation:

Planning with real goal is effective. Proper preparation helps you to achieve goals with full proof planning. Impracticable planning and goals will disappoint you. Goals should be real always. Predictable planning will make you happy always. Properly scheduled time table makes you free to enjoy your life.

Paradigm Shifting:

Paradigm is the mind set of how things could be done. I can say that paradigm is the point of view and beliefs about the process. When you start thinking differently or come out of your rigid belief system, your paradigm is shifted. New thoughts, new information, meeting new people can shift your paradigm. Example: Your company is using same technology for production. You come to know about some new methods and technology. You tried new things and it worked better that before. What happened? It is paradigm shifting.

pride and personable
Pride and Personable


Being proud in positive manner is really very good. Be proud of yourself first. Pride is the product of your success and happiness. Example: If you are doing any job and get success and you know that it will continue. You feel pride. If you are making your family happy and take your responsibilities towards your family than also you will feel pride.

Present and Past:

Don’t think over your past just live in present. Be happy to have your and make the best out of it so that your future will shine brightly. Sometimes our past experiences effect our present thinking. You can’t change your life until you accept new things in your life completely. I know it is not easy but it is not impossible.


Personable means having pleasant personality and appearance. Questions arise in your mind like how to be pleasant. Investing time into yourself will make you personable. Be healthy and spend some quality time with yourself. Do what makes you really happy (your hobby). Meet other people and try to find some positive qualities of them. Be social but in thousands of people you should retain your own thinking and voice.

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