Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers

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Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers

Great google chrome extensions for web developers and web designers

Google Chrome is an open source program developed by Google mostly known as Chrome. It was first launched in 2008 in Microsoft Windows Operating System and later on Linux, iOS, Mac and Android. However, Google Chrome is preferred by most users because of amazing features like easy to switch, intelligent start page, task manager dragging tags in out and in easily. Here you can find the Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers.

However, Google chrome extensions are small programs built on web technologies like JAVA, CSS and HTML. Chrome extension helps users to customize functionality and behaviour according to their use. In addition, Extensions make the work easy and manageable. In addition, most of the developers use chrome as a browser and here are some important Google Chrome Extension for browser.

Session Buddy

session buddy

However, Session buddy is unified session manager. It allows you to save and open the tabs and you can restore them later. Session Buddy used to manage bookmarks, settings, tabs, histories etc.

It is very useful when you are working on multiple projects.

Download: Session Buddy!

iMacros for Chrome:

Image taken from google chrome web store

Sometimes you get bored of repeating tasks like visiting some sites every day, remembering passwords, filling forms etc. iMacros is the solution for you. In addition, iMacros is designed to automate the most repetitious tasks on the web. Moreover, it also includes functions for data extractions, web scrapping and mining automated download and upload.

Download: iMacro

User Nap

chrome web store

However, User Nap enables you to annotate your website without changing template code. You can leave feedback and bug reports with screen shots directly stored in project dashboards. his extension was featured by Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch. Moreover, it is also used by developers from Microsoft, Facebook, as well as Google on a daily basis.

Download: Usernap

Web developer -Best Google Extension for Web Developers

Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers
Image by chrome web store

However, this extension enables user disabling and enabling options with Plugins, JavaScript, and also access to elements like cookies, CSS, outlines, and other information related to web development. It is a must use for all Web Developers making cross browser compatible websites. In addition, it is must to have for developers.

Download Web Developer

Windows Resizer for developer

Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers
Image by chrome web store

However, Window resizer helps developers and designers to emulate window in different resolution for testing layouts on different screen resolution. In addition, it is designed to check responsive websites on different size window. Moreover, you can set different width and height, windows position, set icons for phone, laptop, desktop and tablet.

Download Window Resizer

F19N Obstructive Live

Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers
Image by Chrome web store

F19N Live runs pre-defined and custom test on pages that you visit. It is extendable, sandboxed live testing framework. Moreover, F19N also lifecycle of page load like HTTP header, server response, on load DOM, DOM after complete JS execution. It can also collect external APIs from the rules of the pages you are currently on.

Download Fullstackoptimization Live Test

User Agent Switcher

Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers
Image by chrome web store

However, when web developers are working on the project for both mobile and desktop use, they have to switch user agent strings very fast and quickly. In addition, You can choose from 26 popular user agent strings. Moreover, running this extension can have a performance impact on your browsing experience due to its need to intercept and modify the data communicated to the server.

Download User Agent Switcher

CSS Shack

CSS shack Best Google Extension for Web Developers and Designers
image by chrome web store

However, this powerful google chrome extension allows you to create design and export into in CSS file of your website. In addition, it has layers and many tools like any other photo editor. Easy to use classes that will add different classes to your different parts of the site.

Download CSS Shack

Colour Picker Eyedropper

colour picker
image by chrome web store

Eye dropper is very useful extension that allows you to pick colours from web page. In addition, this extension is very useful for web developers.

Download Eye Dropper

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