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vlogging camera

With the increasing trends of vlogging in 2019, people are making video content with their smartphones and handy camera. You can also do this way. Why camera is needed for you? You will get the best HD images with the best camera for vlogging that will help you to make your channel popular and getting lots of fans.

There are variety of cameras available in market but which camera you should purchase and what things you should keep in mind while purchasing. Here I will give you some tips for that.

while purchasing camera for vlogging, you need not to worry about zoom function of the camera because mostly it features your face not from far away. If you are making travelling vlog that consider zoom function of the camera.Pay attention to low-light performance. While creating film and make vlog, you are not able to control lighting of the camera.

Features of the camera

Lens:  Mostly Prime Lens are used for vlogging. Fast light is also good because you need not to worry about lighting while using. A camera with 50 mm lens looks zoom-in.

Sensor: Large sensor size is capable to capture more light. Small size sensor does not work well in low light. Choose DLSR camera of any Canon, Sony or Panasonic.

Optical image stabilization: If you are doing any activity or shooting moving objects than you must consider the feature of optical image stabilization of camera. Your image should look smooth. If you set camera on tripod than it gives quality result without OIS(optical image stabilization)

Microphones: Vlog is not just about images and film, it is very essential to publish it audio content like surrounding noise, your voice or it can be any music. That’s why microphone quality must be good enough to record sounds that will hold your fans on your vlog.

Image resolution: definitely HD images, Full HD and Ultra HD.

Wi Fi connectivity: Wi fi connectivity will save your time to connect it with your smartphone or laptop because after making video, you need to edit it.

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