How to create your face emoji in Whatsapp?

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How to create Your Face emojis in whatsapp?

How to create your own emoji list

We everyday use whatsapp, it is the essential messaging app that every mobile must have it. It is fun to use emojis while texting and expressing emotions.

WhatsApp has recently released an update with custom emojis or stickers features. This has been one of the most awaiting feature in whatsapp for a long time and finally it went live few weeks back.

WhatsApp allowed third party apps to create and import awesome stickers to WhatsApp application. Already there are tens of apps uploaded in Google playstore for making whatsapp stickers.

  • First of all from google app store, have latest version of the whatsapp and install it.
  • New version of whatsapp has feature of custom emojis.
  • For that you have to download any emoji maker software from google play store and make emojis. List of such applications are listed bellow.
  • Whatsapp allows third party app to create emojis.

How to add custom emojis on whatsapp

  • First open the latest version of whatsapp installed in your mobile.
  • Click on emoji icon
  • On bottom of the screen you can see new icons tap on the icon to add custom emojis
  • Now on top of the emojis tap on + button
  • Choose the stickers pack you want to install and tap on download

List of third party application to make emojis

  • Emoji maker
  • Animoji
  • Mojimaker
  • Bitmoji
  • Expresso
  • Emoji me face maker

This way start creating your own emoji collection and enjoy texting!

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