Go anywhere with lighter and thinner ever unbeatable Kindle Paperwhite!

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When we talk about readers, they love their reading materials more than anything else. Once I met a reader. I came to know an amazing thing that the reader wants their books always with them like they never drive out. Readers cannot keep their selected books with them every time and everywhere.

Imagine you are on long holidays and have gone out for 15 to 20 days tour. You are feeling bored during your journey and sometimes after enjoying the whole day out you want some relaxation by reading books in your luxurious hotel room. Now, you are in a mood to read a novel after that you want to read poetry and at last, while going to sleep, you want to read stories. Oh! To meet all these requirements, you have to carry an extra bag especially for books you want to read.

You will be so grateful if someone suggests or gifts you a library that you can carry with you invariably. I am talking about the bestseller gadget of Amazon “Kindle Paperwhite”. Books are having their own charisma but Kindle Paperwhite commits the same pleasure. An amazing product Kindle Paperwhite facilitates e-readers to keep their favorite books and even entire library always with them and they can enjoy reading books anywhere and at any time.

You will love to buy for yourself or to gift your beloved the latest model of Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation

Create your own safe library with less investment

Buy your favorite books from Kindle Store and add books into “My Library”. If you owned a Kindle, your books are safe from fire, rain, thunder, and storm because books are stored in cloud storage. When you have a library in your home, there is a possibility of tearing books by children or pets. With the subscription of Amazon Prime, you can buy books at a very low cost. Get your safe library easily!

Key Specifications of Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation

Wireless: Public or private Wi-Fi connection supports 801.11b, 801.11n,801.11g standards with password authentication security

Display Screen: 6’’ High-Resolution screen with built-in light, E Ink Carta and 16-level grey scale, Font Optimization Technology

Screen Resolution: 300 ppi (pixel per inch) glare,1440×1080 pixels

LED: Front light 5 LEDs

Storage Capacity: 8 GB or 32 GB, store thousands of books

Memory: 512 MB to 2 GB RAM

Processor: Freescale i.MX 6SLL Cortex-A9 @800M/1GHz

Software: Linux Operating System with Amazon firmware updates which is level headed and hardly crashed.

Audio: You can connect wireless headphones or speakers through Bluetooth Technology, Supported Audiobooks

Battery: Single charge will last up to two to six weeks not hours depending upon screen light settings and Wi-Fi connection and reading hours per day.

Battery Charging Time: Less than 3 hours, Inbox USB 2.0 cable for charging

Weight: 182g or 191g depends upon configuration and process of manufacturing, half of the weight than any other e-reader device.

Dimension: 167 × 116 × 8.2 mm or 6.6 × 4.6 × 0.3 in

Color: Black

Released Date: 6th November 2018

Estimated Price: 12,999 Rs. For 8GB Wi Fi 17,999 Rs. For 32 GB Wi Fi with free 4G

Where to buy online: Amazon.com

Waterproof feature: Waterproof (IPX8 Certification), Water resistance capacity up to 2M for 60 minutes

Supported Content Formats: Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), TXT, Kindle (AZW), PDF, unprotected MOBI, HTML DOC, PRC natively; DOCX, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PMP through the conversion

Ports: Micro USB port only. No any ports to connect audio devices, you have to connect Bluetooth audio devices.

kindle paper white

Pros and Cons of Kindle Paper white 10th Generation

Pros Cons
Audio Books No colour temperature system
New Software Plastic Design
Bluetooth Special offer on base model
Waterproof 32 GB model is expensive
Bezel and Front Screen Uses Micro USB
Weeks of battery Auto adjusting light sensor
Higher storage No button for page turn

How to start with Kindle Paperwhite?

1.    Search for the best Kindle Paperwhite Model that fits your requirements and budget as well.

2.    Place Order: After choosing model place order on amazon.com

3.    Unbox Kindle Paperwhite: In the packaging box of Kindle Paperwhite e-reader you get Kindle e-reader device, a USB 2.0 charging cable, and a Quick Start Guide.

4.    Register your Kindle (Getting started with Kindle):

•    Switch on the power button

•    Select preferred language

•    Click on next

•    Connect kindle to Wi-Fi

•    Select the Wi-Fi network connection you want to use

•    Enter the password with the on-screen keyboard

•    Click on connect after

•    Register kindle to your existing Amazon Account

•    If you don’t have Amazon Account, you can create a new account with the option “Create a new account” on your screen

•    Setting up your one-click payment details to buy books from the Kindle store.

•    Setup Time Zone

•    Setup your social account like Facebook and Twitter with Kindle account

•    You can also set Parental Controls

5.    Now you are ready to read amazing pieces of stuff on your Kindle device.

Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation is the best option if you want to replace your older Kindle or want to perchance new one. It is comparatively cheaper that flashier Oasis Model with a dazzling display, audio support, and waterproof feature.

Goodreads and Kindle

Goodreads is the online social platform for a community of readers. You can sign up Goodreads to generate reading lists and library. You can share content highlights with the others in 20 Million+ readers’ community of Goodreads. You can share your reviews and rate the books on Goodreads. Amazon purchases Goodreads in 2013 and you can get access to your Goodreads account in Kindle now.


What is X-Ray Feature of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite?

Amazon introduced X-Ray feature in the year of 2011. It is the content enrichment feature that allows readers to explore “bones” or content movies or books. You can directly jump to specific content with mentions as the most commonly used character, location or any idea that includes people and terms. X-ray is an inconceivable feature of Amazon gives descriptions and definition for such terms. Sometimes reading books with lots of characters and events, you probably forget which character comes from where. Suppose you are reading a book named Game of Thrones which has more than 200 characters. So, with X-ray feature, you get a description of characters and jump from one page to another to understand what is that character and where it comes from.

Image: https://www.methodshop.com/2017/07/amazon-kindle-x-ray.shtml

Publishers calculate what readers want in advance and prepare side files for such information in advance. X-Ray uses side files to provide fast access to content. Only English books are enabled with X-ray feature. The books are not integrated with X-ray shows the grey color of the button while reading.

Secret facts you must know before buying Kindle

•    Amazon provides the whitest screen in the Kindle Paperwhite 10th generation model.

•    Keeping brightness setting of the display to the lowest level, it actually turns off screen lightning and saves battery.

•    You get two different storage capacity options which are not available in older Kindle.

•    Same home screen as in older one with a thin scrollbar.

•    You need not go back and change settings of fonts and style, you can directly change by tapping on top while reading

•    Save different themes with different names so no requirement to setup font, style, page setting and all every now and then.

•    Disable Touchscreen option allows you to freeze the screen and you can turn on the touch screen with the power button. None tap will work in Disable Touchscreen option, you can swipe from right to left and left to right to turn pages.

•     For rapid navigation, you can change the view percentage of the content. This option is not available in any older Kindle Paperwhite 3 model.

•    The onscreen keyboard is very simple and isolated spacebar key with a slightly long key.

How to enjoy reading with Kindle Paperwhite 10th Generation   

•    You can read your favorite content in the bathtub, at the beach or in rain because of the waterproof feature.

•    You can read in the dark because of the front LED lights.

•    LED lights project upwards so light does not reflect into your eyes and disturb you while reading.

•    In Household and Family Library option you can add your family members and set different themes for them. It is an amazing feature!

•    You can share valuable and informative content through email, Facebook or Twitter directly from Kindle

•    Wonderful experience with PDF files that you get a mini-map of the PDF file while zooming the content of the file.

•    You can add bookmarks on timing while listening to audio books.

Image: https://ebookfriendly.com/amazon-kindle-paperwhite-4th-generation-facts-tips/

•    You can listen to the favorite kinds of stuff while walking or doing any household work with light and thinner design of Kindle.

•    You can measure the time spent on Kindle by turning on a timer.

•    You can store thousands of books on cloud storage of Amazon

•    You can take screenshots in Kindle Paperwhite with tapping opposite corners of the screen.

•    You can lend some eligible content on Amazon with “Loan This Title” for 14 days.

Get benefits of Amazon Prime Subscription

A special catalog of Prime-eligible Ebooks inside Kindle owner’s lending library has listed 1.3 Million + titles for readers. Kindle Owner’s Lending Library is accessible only on Amazon Kindle device. You can hold one title as long as you want. You can borrow only one book per month from KOLL.

Prime Reading has 1000+ Kindle short stories, books, comics, and magazines. You can read all for free.

You can get a first Kindle E-book without any extra cost.

Conclusion: Kindle Paperwhite is the best friend of book lovers and readers. Kindle inspires their readers to connect, share and read more and more books with unbeatable features. Really Kindle Paperwhite is an amazing and unbeatable gadget.

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