Hashtags: What Why How

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What is hashtag?

Hashtag is the symbol #. I will define it as a bookmark for content. Hashtag will give your content relevant traffic and appropriate followers for your social media. Hashtag was firstly used on twitter but nowadays you can use hashtags on all social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

How to use hashtags?

    • Hash tagging: Always post your content with relevant hashtags so people can reach you easily. Mostly people are following to hashtags to get the particular information they want, they search content online through searching with #.
    • Maintain relevancy: You should maintain relevancy of hashtags with your content otherwise you will be considered as a spammer on internet.
    • No to space: Don’t leave any space in single # Example #digitalmarketing
    • Create your own: You can create your own hashtags but keep it simple and easy to remember.
    • Use existing: You can use relevant hashtags by autosuggestion. It is the best method to practice.


Benefits of hashtags

    • Best for searching
    • You can create branding of your business
    • Increase click through rate(CTR)
    • Increase reach of your content
    • Express your tone and voice



Sharing is caring!

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