How to get free do follow backlink from google drive PR 8

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For search engine optimization, building backlinks is very important. Higher authority backlinks will help you in SEO. Sometimes it is easy to get backlinks from higher authority domains like Google Drive is folder or space you get with your Gmail account. You can store important files and folders in Goggle Drive.

Have you ever thought to build backlink in google drive? It is very easy and simple. Follow the steps to create do follow backlink from google drive.Create html file “backlink.html”

Copy and paste the following HTML code in file.



<title>High Pagerank backlinks</title>




<h2>Free Backlinks to your Website</h2>

<h1> <a href=””>ALL Tech About </a></br>

<a href=””> ALL Tech About </a></h1></center>



Here, instead of, type your own domain name.

Now, go to sign in with your Gmail account.

Click on Go to google drive

Click on new

Create folder

Give name of the folder (you can give any name)

Right click on folder.

Click on share

Click on Advance

Click on change

Make it public

Click on save and then done

Open the folder

Upload Html file

Open once the uploaded file.

Hurrah! You created a backlink of PR 8 from google drive!

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