I had an amazing experience with Zapier Mastery Course guided by Deepak Kanakaraju

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Zapier is the automation online tool which does tons of tasks and saves a lot of time and effort. Deepak Kanakaraju has made a Master Zapier Course. You can learn so many things through YouTube or other medium but still, you will have questions like How, When, Why etc. Deepak Sir has explained everything with real time examples.

When I come to know about Deepak Sir through Facebook to learn digital marketing, I just sign up his free 25 video tutorials course. I did not watch his first video for a ling time, so I received notification email each time. At that time, I was thinking how any one can know weather we go through the video or not, how to send email to all. I thought it would be so difficult to manage. Actually, it is not that much difficult. I got my answers with Zapier Mastery Course.

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There are 13 Lessons in Zapier Mastery Course. Lessons are divided in to two sections.

Section 1: Introduction to Zapier

Lesson 01 – An Introduction to Zapier and This Course (7:33)

Know what is actually Zapier. How to go around through Zapier Dash Board. Explanation of Zapier terms and how the automation workflow will work.

Lesson 02 – Who Should Use Zapier? (6:09)

Who can use Zapier and How can you utilize your Zapier for different tasks and actions.

Lesson 03 – Understanding Zapier Pricing Plans (9:05)

Zapier Pricing plan is not important in this video. Deepak Sir has explained how to choose pricing plan for different purposes is the most important topic. No one will tell you such kind of things.

Lesson 04 – When Not to Use Zapier (2:28)

When Zap does any action, it counts as a task. So, it is not advisable to use Zapier for all applications. In this lesson you get the idea about when not to use Zapier. When you have some other plugins or tools to do automated tasks at that time don’t use Zapier.

Lesson 05 – What are Webhooks? (4:29)

Zapier connects 1000+ applications for automation. Information can be transferred from one app to another by just one click. Most of the applications have Zapier integration. New applications are added every week in Zapier tool. But if the application that you want to use with Zapier does not have Zapier than what to do? This Lesson will be your answer. When the application that has no Zapier integration, you can use it with the help of web hooks in triggered part or action part as well.

Section 2: Zapier Use Cases & Features

Lesson 06 – Send Data from Landing Page to Google Sheets (14:03)

Landing Page is the element of your website. Landing page generates maximum leads usually. Anyone fill form on Landing Page, Zapier will automatically transfer data like Name, Email Address, Contact Details, and other information into the Google Sheet of your Google Drive.

Lesson 07 – Send Data from Blog Exit Popup to Google Sheets (9:05)

Same as in earlier case you can transfer data from Exit Popup to Google Sheets. You not need to worry about every time a user visits your blog. No more copy paste repetitive tasks. You can easily track which content drives traffic and conversation to your website

Lesson 08 – How to Create Multi-step Zaps (7:04)

When the form details need to send both Google Sheet as well as Email listing. You need not to create multiple zaps, you can do multiple tasks in single Zap. Deepak Sir has explained everything with real time data. All the time don’t create multiple zaps there is no limit for actions per zap. You can set actions like filter and delay add tasks.

Lesson 09 – Capturing Data from Payment Gateway and Using Filters (17:06)

How to send data from Payment Gateway to Google Sheet. In this practical scenario you will learn how to use filters in zaps.

Lesson 10 – How to Use Paths in Zapier (16:44)

Zapier path is like if else condition of flow chart. Path is useful when you want to do multiple tasks with single trigger of the zap.

Lesson 11 – How to Send SMS and Use Webhooks in Action Step (8:23)

In earlier scenario webhook was used in trigger part of Zap but in this lesson, you will learn how to use webhooks in action part. You can send direct SMS to users when trigger will run.

Lesson 12 – How to Create an Affiliate Program with Zapier (16:07)

How to create affiliate programme with Zapier. It gives transparency to your affiliates and you can encourage them to do more sales. You and your affiliates can track data of product sale and also have clear report for that. You can also send auto email to affiliate with Zapier.

Lesson 13 – How to Update Google Sheet Rows with a Search Step (12:30)

In this lesson, you will learn how to update Google Sheet Rows using search option

Zapier Mastery Course is like a magic. You can do tons of tasks by configuring zaps with a few clicks. Zapier is a reliable tool so no worries after setup of zaps with proper trigger, action, filter and path.

Deepak Sir is an amazing mentor!

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