Most Shared Infographics of Digital Marketing

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Ingoraphic is the graphical summary of the article or information. You can use infographics to drive traffic traffic to your website from different sites. In addition infographic plays an important role in SEO as well. It helps you create backlinks on different infographics submission sites.

Here I am sharing some most shared Infographics of Digital Marketing with you. It will give you the inspiration to make the best infographics. You can also get a lot of information by visiting and studying Infographics. Study of Infographics helps you to make viral infographics.

Most shared Infographics of Digital Marketing

most shared infographic (AIDA)
AIDA concept

This Infographic is designed on the idea of AIDA which is very important concept to understand marketing. When marketers write advertisements they have the chart of AIDA on their desk to design the best advertisement. AIDA means Attention Interest Desire and Action.

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most shared infographic (digital marketing)
Digital Marketing Trends

Information about Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 is included in this Infographic. It includes Big Data, Rise of Video content, Personalized content, ROI, 5G Revolution, Chat Bots, User generated Ads etc.

Total Shares: 5.8K

Red webdesign

most shared infographic ( dm tools)
Digital Marketing Tools

Mark has included 60 important digital marketing tools. Tools for social media, advertisements, SEO, productivity, E-mail, and design. Mark is a founder of Red Design company based in the UK.

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Digital Marketing Channel ROI Trends in 2019 

most shared infographic ROI

Infographic includes information about the channels in digital marketing that delivers the highest ROI. Topics included are content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing etc. with statistics data.

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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Digital Marketing in 2019

The infographic includes digital marketing trends in 2019 with statistical data. Topics are personalization in Email marketing, visual search, Facebook popularity decline, Artificial intelligence in Audience targeting, etc. It is downloadable infographic. You can download it from the site link.

Total Shares: 1.6K

You can get the idea of creating valuable infographics. According to my research, the most informative infographics with graphs and charts are liked by users. Start creating infographics and share maximum.

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