SEO – A key to unlock opportunities in 2019

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization), easy to pronounce but very essential to grow your business. If you want to build your carrier in digital marketing, Mastering SEO is the most demanded in the market.

SEO means to grab the topmost position on the search engine when someone is searching for your services or products online. For example, you are selling you car modifying services in your local place, someone is searching “car modifying workshops near me”. On search engine page your landing page or your advertisements should stand in the top position to get more sales. Optimizing your site, landing page or paid advertisements in called SEO.

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Words people are searching online like “car modifying workshop near me” is called Keywords. Keywords are like the king because Page URL, Title, Metadata and images ALT Text must have keywords to rank your page on top position. Now the question is what are the benefits you will get if you master the keyword research and search engine optimization.

Sell more online

Mostly markets significant sales are either made online or searched online
Approximately $160 billion was spent online in 2009 (source: eMarketer).
7% of all consumer spending is made online (source: Comscore).
Most of these sales come via search engines.

Increase more offline sells with SEO

Every year the percentage of internet searches is increasing. People search for products and services online before purchasing offline.
96% of consumers have searched for product information from their mobile device. (Google)
88% of consumer trust online reviews as much are a personal recommendation. (Search Engine Land)

Building trust for your business

It can help to view your stories of customers when people search. Selling and marketing are not just about to explain the features and price of the products and services, it is to build trust with your customers that what you are providing is really good and cost-effective. Define your USP and do keyword research for that. Make quality content and you will see the difference in traffic of your site.

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. (RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report)
83% of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online purchase. (eConsultancy)

Keep your job with SEO

Search engine optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Online presence of any company or small business is very important as the internet is easily available on smartphones. The job for SEO experts will increase. Read the linked content to get more idea.

Start your own business with SEO

You can start your company no matter your budget and grab customers from local or global. The best opportunity to start something amazing this year.

Conclusion: You know that SEO is beneficial in many ways, in my next blogs I will write SEO tools and how to do SEO. Share this important information with your friends!

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