Signs of Depression- Are you feeling lonely?

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One of my friends was very disturbed and he told me that he is not able to understand what he is doing, why his interest in activities decrease. I talked with him for an hour and I just listened to him. I was trying to understand his mindset. After an hour I finished conversation.

Do you want know what he told me? Yes, Of course! I will tell you. He was suffering from depression. Are you thinking how do I know? I know the signs and symptoms of depression because before 3 years, I was in same condition.


According to WHO (World Health Organization) depression affects over 300 million people worldwide, regardless of culture, age, gender, religion, race or economic status. It is very important to be aware of signs of depression. Let me tell you what did my friend tell me?  What did he feel and how did he react? al:

Signs of Depression


Feeling alone

Dislike to go out with friends and interact with family members

Frustration, anger without any reason, guilty, irritation and unhappy

Lacking confidence and feelings of worthless and hopeless

Miserable, disappointed and indecisive 

Felling tired and sleepy


Overeating, or appetite loss

Aches, pains, headaches, or cramps that won’t go away

Digestive problems that don’t get better, even with treatment

Early morning wakefulness of sleeping too much

Significant weight loss or gain

Tired all time not feeling fresh

depression loneliness


“I am failure”

“No one is with me, I am alone”

“I am not worthy”

“All my fault”

“I don’t want to live”

“Nothing good is in my life”

Depression is curable. It is not serios disease but if it is not cured leads to suicide. In my next blogs read more about depression and how to come out from depression.

Think healthy! Eat healthy! Stay healthy!

Sharing is caring!

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