What is Podcast? History and Advantages

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What is Podcast?

Podcast is the widely spreading digital media. It is a digital means of broadcast available on the Internet. Podcast is like simple radio broadcast. Users can easily download and subscribe podcast of their interest.

Podcast is combination of two words “pod” and “cast”. Pod word is taken from the word Apple ipod and cast is taken from broadcast. People are making audio and videos for many years on the Internet. Are they podcast? No, Podcast is a series of episode that is based on particular theme or topic like social media, digital marketing, or it can be health concern topics.

You can listen and subscribe to podcast episodes with some special application or software on your mobile device. There are automated technologies to download and synchronise podcast episodes.

Podcast is a digital form of content that you can download and listen whenever you get free time.

For example, you are interested in some topics, you downloaded podcast for your interest than you can start your day by listening such content. For this reason, podcast is called “on-demand”. It is really amazing!


History Of Podcast

When RSS was widely used over internet, RSS can syndicate only text. So Adam Curry and Dave Winner started searching some new technology that allow audio automate downloads and subscribe. They actually make it happen by early 2001. BY 2003 audio blogging become popular and with new technologies people can download and subscribe audio podcast easily.

Should your podcast be audio or video?

Hey! Podcast can be both audio or video. You can podcast not only audio but video as well. Now, which is the best choice? It totally depends upon your content type. If you are a talkative person and your content needs only attention of your audience than there is no need to make video. If you produce content like how to, creativity or some experiments than you need video for that.

What is the difference between an audio file and podcast?

Many times, people get confused about audio files and podcast. Technically both are same. When you add subscribe option to audio series, it becomes podcast. You realize the fact that podcast is just an audio file while downloading.

Podcast are just audio files uploaded on your website with subscription option through RSS feed. So easy and simple!

Some advantages of Podcast

People can listen podcast even when they are in a gym, running, cycling or doing any work. It requires just best quality headphones or speakers. You can change your unproductive time in to most productive time by listening to the podcast of your interest.

Making video needs expertise but making audio files is very easy. You need to work on speech, way of presentation and add something like magnet that attract your listeners.

podcast benefits

It is easy to start podcast with Podcast Hosting websites. You can start on your website as well. Podcast is the best tool that you can use for social media to connect with your community to communicate. Podcast provides one-way communication, portable, easy to consume, cost effective and on-demand technology.

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