What is Vlog?

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Nowadays you heard the word “vlog” many times through Internet. What is Vlog? In a simple word it is video blog or video log that provides information in video format. It is a form of web television. Small and fastest growing form of bogging with video content including link with text, meta data and other features also known as “ Vlogosphere” ( from blogosphere).

Many platforms provide free hosting to publish your video content on the Internet with wonderful editing software. You Tube is very popular. You Tube is the second largest search engine. People like to make video and become famous among their fans. You can be a star and its free of cost totally. Vlog is like a short film but you can choose your content according to your desire.

What are the alternatives of YouTube?

  1. Facebook and Facebook Live
  2. Instagram and Instagram Live
  3. Twitch IRL
  4. Daily Motion
  5. Vimeo
  6. Flickr
  7. D Tube

5 things to be considered to become video blogger

  1. Content: Choose the topics on which you love to shoot video. It can be your hobby, passion, creativity or talent. You are free to choose and be your own boss. But keep in mind that if you want to become popular and earn via such platforms, take it seriously as if it is your own company or business.
  2. Branding: Select name for your channel and make logo with particular design and colours. Maintain consistency and quality.
  3. Make video content: Shoot videos with best picture and site scenes. You can shoot with your smartphones or camera. Don’t forget to figure out your own face. Enjoy making video content.
  4. Edit and Upload: Edit your vlog with software and you can add text and many more. Upload vlog on any platform you want. Add title, metadata, descriptions and tags into your vlog.
  5. Promote your vlog: Now its time to share your vlog with your friends and fans though social medias and linking your video with other sites.

Congratulations! After doing all these you will become a star.

In my next blogs, I will give all details like how to start your You Tube channel and how to promote it. Subscribe to get latest updates!

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